Are you ready to grow your email list on autopilot? AND more importantly fill it with ENGAGED subscribers.

I have no doubt you’ve been told many times you need to grow your email list, create a lead magnet and pop it all into something called a sales funnel.

You’ve been told that it’s the only way to get new clients in today’s world of digital marketing.

Possibly it’s been on your ‘To Do List‘ for quite some time.

But…you have absolutely no idea where to start so it gets pushed to the bottom of the list week after week.

And let’s not get started about the amount of hours it takes to map the whole thing out and implement it.

You may even have asked the question, “can’t I just hire someone to do it all for me?

Well that’s where I come in…to help you overcome the overwhelm of all things funnels.

And yes, I can do it all for you, but first I’d love you to understand why you need a sales funnel and how it can help.

Before we dive in I want you to remember this, people only do business with people they know, like and trust. A good sales funnel will help you do all of those things quickly, easily and effectively.

What's Your Funnel Fab Factor

Building your email list is JUST like the dating game.


Think back to when you were single. You’d sit on the sofa day dreaming about finding that perfect person. Maybe you’d meet them in a bar, over a supermarket aisle or possibly whilst walking the dog. 

Hmm…how’d that work out? Probably not that great as things don’t just fall in your lap like that. And neither does your ideal client.

In 2021 it’s all about swiping right or left and putting yourself out there. It’s the same principle for your small but mighty business.

There’s a process we all know and understand when it comes to dating. It includes a series of steps called dates. What we don’t do is propose marriage on the first date. 

Sales is no different. That’s why you need a game plan for taking your potential clients from complete strangers to being totally in love with you. And that plan is called a sales funnel.

Your potential clients move through the sales funnel step by step, just like dating, getting to know, like  and trust you. All the time moving closer to being ready to work with you.

Have we met yet?

Speaking of know, like, trust I think it’s time I built a little with you. I’m Kylie and…

I’m a creative at heart and started life as a classical musician but then discovered the joys of being an entrepreneur. And I was hooked.

Fast forward 30 years and it’s safe to say I’ve learnt a thing or two about marketing my business. 

I’d love for you to meet me properly so take a peek at the video for a behind-the-scenes look at my life as a sales funnel strategist, British Expat in France and all round ‘Dancing Queen’.

Thanks Kylie

“I needed to increase my client awareness, and with research it’s clear that one of the best ways to attract new clients is to setup an email list.

Kylie took me step by step to create my lead magnet, gave me the know how to write great emails and the systems to use. By the end not only did I have the new knowledge, but I had everything in place ready to go, to attract new clients. Throughout Kylie gave me personal invaluable feedback at every stage, at no point did I need to wonder if I was on track, which was brilliant.
Kylie made the training fun and safe to share thoughts, that my notebook would be full of great ideas at the end of every session, where before I would often find that I was looking at a blank page.

Nicky Clements - Wedding & Event Planner

Nicky Clements - Wedding & Event Planner

My Favourite Things

All things ABBA

I'm an absolute Abbaholic affectionately known to my friends as the 'Dancing Queen'. To me the music of ABBA never fails to lift me up and make me smile and we all need a bit of that in our lives.

My Border Collie, Lottie

I live in rural France in the beautiful Charente Region and most days, as long as it's not raining, we're out walking the countryside. I love watching her fling herself into every bit of water she can find barking at the fish.

Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey is my guilty pleasure! I've watched every season at least five times and as for the film, well let's just say too many times to count. If I could be any character it would have to be the Dowager Countess. She really does have the best lines.

Musicals (Especially The Sound of Music)

I LOVE musicals. From the Sound of Music to Mamma Mia, I love them all. Don't ask me for my favourite because it's just too hard.

Ready to reveal your sales funnel fab factor?