How to use quiz funnels for lead generation

Lead generation is one of the key activities for solo entrepreneurs such as coaches and stand-alone businesses. You might have tried email marketing as the main source of targeted leads but without much success. Have you thought about quiz funnels? Quiz funnels are a growing alternative to traditional lead generation and

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7 Figure Quiz Funnel Formula

If you’re like most marketers, you might feel stuck in the same old online marketing strategies. You probably know they aren’t working that well, but it’s hard to see a way out of your current situation.  However, quiz funnels are an effective alternative to traditional lead generation, and sales funnel strategies

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Waitlist Emily

The FREE 5 Day Quiz Funnel Bootcamp What if there were an automated way to bring in leads and drive traffic so you have a ‘Sell Out Launch‘ EVERY SINGLE TIME? Over 5 days you’ll learn exactly how to drive traffic to your online course or membership using a high converting

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Kylie Lang The Sales Funnel Strategist


I’m so glad you found my piece of online real estate where we talk all things sales funnels, email marketing and list building.

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Your unique blend, the thing that makes you, you (Every single entrepreneur has a Fab Factor.)

Take this 2-minute quiz and discover how to use your ‘Personal Fab Factor‘ to generate leads on autopilot for your creative business using a personalised list building strategy.

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