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Confession of a missed opportunity – 12 months behind my friend, with a successful online business


I had a chance to change my life and start down the on-line business path 12 months ago and I blew it!

But what makes it even worse is I travelled to Melbourne and caught up with my friend Tristan, who was on the same wave length as me. We discussed our ideas and what books we had been reading that had influenced us. Books such as “12 months to Retire” by Serena Star Leonard and “The Four Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferris.

We shared our website ideas and how great it would be to work remotely. I remember the energy, excitement and how much I enjoyed the conversation.

From this moment on my friend went after his dream. Tristan did it gradually as a side gig, while working part time and now has a great on-line business His wife and himself are now travelling through Thailand looking for somewhere to live for a time. All the while still managing to keep his on-line business alive.

I have to be honest, I am very jealous of him. After that energized conversation we had, I returned to New Zealand and back to my job. I was fired up to start my on-line business goal so asked to reduce my hours to 20 per week. This was so I could start a website on the side and still have the security of an income.

Here is where my plan took a curve ball. Instead of saying yes to my working less hours, my boss offered me a promoted position to a very enjoyable job of organizing major events, taking away all the parts of the job I was currently doing that I didn’t like and were tedious or frustrating. And to add to this, a decent pay rise.

Stupidly, I said yes. Well it wasn’t that stupid as I did enjoy the job and the extra money for another 8 months. It kept me distracted from my goal and I didn’t seem to mind.

Now back to my friend Tristan, I was mentioning. Once I heard of his on-line business success and his plans to travel and work, it replanted the seed. I remembered that it too was my dream.

I let others make me offers that I thought were too good to refuse. It blinded me to what I really wanted to do.

So I guess the lesson learned here is when you reach a fork in the road, try to look a year into the future and imagine the result of your decision. What do you see and what do you feel? Will you be happy with putting off what you really want to do.

I wont lie, it is hard seeing my friend 12 months ahead of me. I can’t do anything about that now but I can take the next 12 months and catch him up. He is giving me something to strive for and the belief that it can be done. So it is a good thing and I can’t wait to compare notes with him later in the year.

Do you have any inspiring friends?

Have you been distracted from your goals by other offers?

Let me know in the comment box below, I’d love to hear from you.


Everyone must have a job!

Everyone must have a job!

Did you know that a common belief that is shared by most and is an unwritten rule is that you must have a job? You will understand what I mean by the way when you first meet someone they ask you what you do (and they don’t mean for leisure) and then define you by that.

When you don’t have an answer to this question, as I do at the moment, people don’t quite know what to do. I am messing with their belief that everyone must have a job.

I have had the sympathy look, when they know that they couldn’t survive without their job so can not imagine I can. They are feeling sorry for me and are thankful that they’re not in my shoes.

I have had the “are you crazy” look. It is so normal to go to work everyday that it is frowned upon to be different.

I have told people I have resigned from my job and they question what job am I going to or am I looking for work. They tell me something will come up for me. They think they are being supportive and some of them may even worry about me not having a job when they have a moment to ponder.

I have had the “I am so jealous” comment. This is from people who aren’t crazy about their jobs and love the thought of leaving but never will as they are stuck in the living from one pay check to the next. They would never dream of leaving.

I have had the good on you comment. This I take two ways as I know some people know me well and know I do things that others don’t do. But also there is the under tone of that is great for you, you must have a rich husband or a large bank account.

I must confess I have a lie I am telling others when I have this lack of job conversation. I am telling them I am trying new ventures and I have 12 months to make them work and if they don’t I’ll return to the work force and get a real job. On this matter I am completely lying.

I’ve been out two weeks and I know I’m never going back. I have never worked so hard these last two weeks but it has been on what I want to do. It has been when and where I want to. I have fit in the other areas of my life that I want so I am training, cooking and being social. This lifestyle is for me and in 12 months a real job wont even be on my radar.