I’m encourage others to set goals so I am taking on a big challenge later this year so I walk the talk. I’m going to walk the length of New Zealand, 3000 km so that I can do some good and hopefully inspire others. Here’s the details…


I’m Not Alone Walk of New Zealand

Start date:13 Oct 2014 (Cape Reinga)

Finish date: 23 December 2014 Wellington (North Island only so far)

Event length: 72 days (North Island 1543km)

Funds raised for: The Mental Health Foundation

Website: www.walknz.org

What I’m doing

On the 13 October 2014, I’m going to start walking the length of New Zealand. Each day I will be joined by another walker so I am not alone. Collectively we will raise money and awareness for the Mental Health Foundation.

Why am I doing this?

This walk is to encourage others to be active in the outdoors. It is about engaging with people and inspiring them to set a goal. This walk symbolises doing things together, talking things out and how important support is for our mental health.

You can be part of the walk

I need 58+ people to join me for a days walk……will you be one of them?

The distances range from 12.5km to 37.5km.  The days can be 6 hours up to 12 hours. You can choose a day that suits you. CLICK on the box if you are interested.


You can help the walk

If your a good sort and would like to help – CLICK on the way you would like to support. Thank you kindly!

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