The quiz funnel formula

Sell Out Your Next Course Launch with a High Converting Quiz Funnel

The Quiz Funnel Formula

The quiz funnel formula

Sell Out Your Next Course Launch with a High Converting Quiz Funnel

The Quiz Funnel Formula

Join the Course Creators Having 6 Figure Launches
and Ditch the PDF Lead Magnet...

Instead put your time and energy into creating a high converting Quiz Funnel

If your last course launch flopped or you struggled to get people signing up to your membership you need a quiz funnel.

Why? Because it takes the stress out of constantly hustling for new clients. That stress simply disappears. That’s why so many course creators and membership owners are now investing in a quiz funnel as their main lead magnet.

When you create a quiz that answers a question you know your audience has it’s powerful because they feel seen, heard and understood. That’s a very potent mixture which leads to building the know, like, trust factor with them.

And did I mention…

Quizzes drive traffic!

Quizzes drive traffic!

Quizzes drive traffic

They get your audience saying "I do, I do, I do, I do, I do."

The Money is in Your List... a Quiz Builds Your List on Autopilot!

Building an audience used to be simple. You  could create a valuable download, & you’d get leads. Good ones too.

Your cost per lead (CPL) on  Facebook was relatively low & conversions were high.


✔️ Now we’re bombarded with offers…literally all the time

✔️ Our audience are  savvy  &  don’t just give you their email

✔️ Attention spans are short and every minute counts

✔️ Just because it’s free doesn’t mean they’ll subscribe

Hence, the reason why I encourage YOU to take this opportunity to create something that actually works and build a high converting quiz funnel, but with my help.

Say hello to...

The Quiz Funnel Formula

Sell Out Your Next Course or Membership Launch with a High Converting Quiz Funnel

One that is interactive, gives value, creates an emotional connection and builds an audience of buyers allowing you to collect hundreds of leads weekly, not to mention monthly sales and bookings.

The Quiz Funnel Formula

The Quiz Funnel Formula is a step-by-step blueprint where I take you by the virtual hand and help you create your first high converting quiz.

No guesswork involved just a tried and tested method that targets your ideal audience, consistently builds your email list and gets results quickly with a low cost per lead.

And that’s not all…

You benefit from my 5+ years of creating high converting quiz funnels with some exclusive ‘done for you services.

I will build your quiz for you...AND create your Facebook Audience & Ads!

Why? Because in all reality as much as you might want to create a quiz there’s going to be certain things that put you off. And usually, it’s Traffic & Tech.

How does it work & what do I get?

It’s quite simple. I want you to succeed.

The Quiz Funnel Formula includes 6 comprehensive modules covering all the elements that go into creating a high converting quiz with some ‘done for you‘ services added in for good measure to ensure you succeed. You’ll have EVERYTHING YOU NEED to make sure your quiz funnel helps you have a ‘Sell Out Launch’.

My team and I will…

Build Your Quiz For You ($1,997 value)

Create Your Lead Capture Funnel ($1,997 value)

Give you my 7-Day Email Welcome Campaign ($997 value)

Review Your Quiz so it Converts ($997 value)

Provide Access to the Total Traffic Transformation System ($997 value)

Research Your Audience and Design Your Facebook Ads ($1,997 value)

That’s $8,985 worth of done for you services, traffic generation tools and fill-in-the-blanks nurture emails.

Tell me more...









They’re Interactive & Fun
Attention spans are short so you need to get people’s attention AND keep it. That’s where quizzes do such a good job. Interactive content beats passive PDFs hands down every time.

There is BIG Viral Potential
Quizzes are highly shareable. People love to share their results on social media giving you access to a wider audience of like minded people

You Can Be Ultra Specific
Most of us have a diverse audience at different stages and trying to speak to all of them is hard. What other lead magnet lets you impart information that is relevant and specific to the person reading it, rather than it simply being a generic PDF.

Conversion Rates Are Insane
According to BuzzSumo 82% of users will complete a quiz if they see it on social.

Your Audience Learn Something About Themselves
As humans we have a thirst for self-knowledge. When your quiz asks a question you know your audience has, that’s clickable, that’s where the magic is.

Segmentation is Easy
Through your quiz questions you’ll learn what your audience struggles with, their fears, their desires, their hopes allowing you to send them very targeted marketing that speaks to them directly.

Gives YOU The Expert Crown
When you give value and provide a quick win in your results followed up with more of the same in your emails you become the expert in your field

And imagine these Ad results...

With our ‘done for you‘ Facebook Ad service you can have results like this too.

Here's what you'll get inside the Quiz Funnel Formula

6 Comprehensive Modules


Module 1: Your Big Quiz Topic

Together we’ll create the main hook for your quiz. I’ll walk you through the exact process I use to come up with compelling and effective quiz topics. This is a behind the scenes look at what goes into creating not just a topic that converts but a title that’s 150% clickable and just lights up the screen.



✚ A defined target audience

✚ Your audience’s challenges 

✚ Your quiz topic nailed


Module 2: Your Actionable Quiz Results

Writing quiz results that connect, give value and provide a quick win is so important. Together we’ll create actionable quiz results that are highly relevant and relatable to the person reading them. I’ll show you how to transition these results to the next stage of the journey so it feels natural and not like one big sales pitch.



✚ The name of each result

✚ The copy for each result

✚ The next step in the journey


Module 3: Your Targeted Quiz Questions

We’ll create questions which will allow you to gain the knowledge you need to do specific and targeted marketing. How many questions should you include? Which questions will be segmentation questions and which won’t? How will you map these to the results? All this will be covered in detail and you’ll be crystal clear on the goals for each of your questions.



✚ The number of questions

✚ The goal of each question

✚ The completed questions

✚ All your answers


Module 4: Your Irresistible Quiz Offer

What is the goal of your quiz? What amazing offer are you going to give your audience once they’ve gone through your quiz. This is a carefully choreographed dance that needs to be relevant to where your ideal client is at in their journey with you and will be different for everyone. But I have a strategy to help you craft an offer your audience can’t resist.



✚ Your offers outlined

✚ Any bonuses identified

✚ The sales process for each offer


Module 5: Your Simple Quiz Set Up

Although my team will be building your quiz and email lead capture funnel we will still need certain things in order to do this. So in this module we’ll focus on helping you get your website ready to host your quiz and the  results pages. Should you use text only? Or maybe a short video? This will all depend on your niche and your audience.



✚ Website ready for quiz

✚ Design of results pages

✚ An Interact account


Module 6: Your High Converting Quiz Emails

A big part of this process is about building the know, like, trust factor through an email nurture campaign delivered over 7-10 days. I’m sharing the exact process I use with my clients so your new leads feel more nurtured than if they were to spend the weekend at Buckingham Palace with their own royal butler. As a born and bred Brit that would be the ultimate in absolute luxury.



✚ Emails mapped out

✚ Subject lines done 

✚ Campaign duration agreed


And let's not forget...

Your 'done for you' services

Build Your Quiz

1 - Build Your Quiz For You

Not loving the tech stops most people before they start and that leads to failure. I want to take that off your hands for you. Stop you worrying about it. So my team will build out your quiz for you on my favourite quiz platform, Interact.

($1,997 value)

Create your lead capture funnel

2 - Create Your Lead Capture Funnel

To create a KILLER email capture funnel you’ll need to set up a list, tags, and automation to deliver the emails within your CRM. My tech team will do this for you all and hand it over tested and ready for you to press publish.

($1,997 value)

Create a Brand Quiz

3 - My “7-Day Welcome” Campaign

A lead gives you their email address after completing your quiz to get their results. At this stage you haven’t yet built the know, like, trust factor. What most newbies do is immediately try to sell something. This is the #1 cause of people on your email list NOT opening your emails NOT clicking through to the products or services you promote and NOT buying anything.

I’ve discovered a BETTER strategy that’s more effective, one that works and I’m sharing the complete strategy with you.

($997 value)

Get a Complete Quiz Review

4 - A Complete Quiz Review

Something else that stops so many people from moving forward with their quiz is fear of failure. What if I do it wrong? What if my questions aren’t right? What if I don’t get anyone completing my quiz and giving me their email address? I don’t want that for you so I’m going to personally review your quiz.

I’ll tell you if your questions need tweaking, give you suggested revisions and let you know what you need to do to make your quiz convert.

($997 value)

5 - Total Traffic Transformation System

You can have the best quiz in the world but if nobody can find it then the whole thing becomes completely redundant. Getting traffic, organic or paid, is like trying to find the holy grail. You’ll learn all the tricks of the trade to ensuring your quiz gets found organically and shared. 

Plus, you’ll have access to my very own Pinterest expert who’ll be sharing all her traffic generating secrets to getting your quiz found using Pinterest organically, no ads required.

($997 value)

Facebook Audience and Ad Design

6 - Facebook Audience & Ad Design

To really supercharge things paid traffic helps and the best place to get traffic online is Facebook. That’s because Facebook has the most profitable traffic. The problem is you’ve got to research audiences, write ads, test images and optimize your results to get the best cost per lead.

So to make sure you succeed my inhouse Facebook Ad expert will research your audience for you and create 2-3 high converting ads for you. PLUS, if you’d like to DIY your Ads you’ll have access to a full step-by-step masterclass too.

($1,997 value)


Pay Upfront

Most cost effective!
$ 2,997 Payable upfront & save!
  • Sell out your next course launch

4 Installments

Flexible Payment Option
$ 997 Payable Monthly
  • Sell out your next course launch!

Have we been introduced?

I’m Kylie Lang…Quiz Funnel Strategist and Course Creator. And for the last 13 years I’ve been an online educator and started creating courses at the very beginning of the digital revolution. And in 2020 I created my 20th course. The irony of that isn’t lost on me.

I discovered the power of quizzes back in 2015 when getting leads organically through Google started to become harder.

Selling out my courses was no  longer as easy as it once was and I had to have a plan for driving traffic that wasn’t just relying on people searching on Google.

Within 3 months of creating my first quiz our leads had increased by 700%. It was insane.

And that was before I’d learnt how to segment my leads and do very targeted marketing with the results. Before I’d started sending emails that spoke directly to the pain points each of my quiz takers had.

Last year alone one of my quizzes generated 14,000 leads at a cost per lead of just 10 cents.

Now I’m helping others to have the same results so they too can have sell out launches and build their email list on autopilot.

Quizzes have changed the trajectory of my business. I no longer worry about getting enrolments or filling my launches with buyers instead of freebie hunters.

Why? Because I’m nurturing my audience and delivering value through my quiz funnel email campaign. It’s a rinse and repeat system that once created, and of course tested, will continue to run over and over again.

It's the difference between having a sell out launch or having zero sign ups.

Here’s a quick recap of everything that’s included

6 Quiz Funnel Formula Modules ($1,997 value)

Build Your Quiz For You ($1,997 value)

Create Your Lead Capture Funnel ($1,997 value)

Give you my 7-Day Email Welcome Campaign ($997 value)

Review Your Quiz so it Converts ($997 value)

Provide Access to the Total Traffic Transformation System ($997 value)

Research Your Audience and Design Your Facebook Ads ($1,997 value)

If within the next 7 days you decide you’re not on board and you don’t think a quiz funnel is the right thing for you then we I refund your investment. I only want committed action takers but if you decide it’s not for you then you’ve had a week’s training on me and I wish you all the luck in the future.


Pay Upfront

Most cost effective!
$ 2,997 Payable upfront & save!
  • Sell out your next course launch

4 Installments

Flexible Payment Option
$ 997 Payable Monthly
  • Sell out your next course launch!

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll receive access to the pre-prep training immediately. Then each module will be delivered weekly after that commencing on Monday December 6th.

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