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Of course walking the length of New Zealand is not just about walking. Basically, it is a huge logistical process and the more I go into the details, the more I realise I need to ask for help, pretty please.

I would be grateful of any help that makes this adventure run as smoothly as possible. I welcome any donations to help cover costs of the walk itself.

Sponsor the Walk

Business Sponsor

Do you have a business that would like to be involved with the walk? There is a need for funding to cover parts of the walk. There are many benefits to being involved and ways to get exposure thorough the walk.

Product Support

Equipment (lap top, Video recording for interviews, etc)

Accommodation along the walk

Clothing (boots, sunglasses, hats, socks, clothing, etc)

Equipment (pack, hydration pack, GPS, maps, guide books, etc)

Food and Drink during walk October – December 2014

Comfort (massage, deodorant, hot pools, compression gear, etc)

Campervan and Fuel

Supporter Handouts – Rubber branded bracelets, Plastic Containers with mini chocolate bar and info card inside (to hand out to those met while walking to encourage donations)

Walker gifts -T-shirts, caps, water bottles, etc

Prizes for competitions prior and during the wal

A mascot……that goes everywhere on the walk for fun photos

Time donations

Are you able to give some time to walk? Can you promote the walk, help out with organising things or support on the walk?

What I can do in return

Thank you profusely for helping out and promote you, your business or organisation by ….

Facebook and Twitter posts

website – business coverage, adverts, photos

Instagram and blogging (twice weekly prior and daily on walk)

Events/fundraising campaigns prior and on walk

Database of every person that joins me and all those that donate

Include mentions in any TV interviews, Radio coverage, Magazine articles and Interviews

Write reviews on the products/services and promote how great they are for me to use

Any other ideas…I am open to returning favours

What ever way you can help out – I’d love to hear from you!

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