So you are looking for some help with setting goals and having a life coach help you get started and make those goals happen.

Congratulations on wanting to make some changes!

You know exactly what you want to feel like (happy, successful, making good money and that life is just ticking along smoothly).

But you are struggling with what direction to go in and how to make that into a reality.  You wish someone would just tell you what to do.

Great news: You have found your answer

Introducing…….Life Coaching One-on-One Sessions

Think of it like a sort-your-life boot camp.  It is about getting really clear on what direction you should take in life and then creating a plan to make it happen. It is a session designed exclusively to sort you out! No matter what you like, hate, have done, not done, trained, not trained, had experience, not had experience……you get the picture, right?

The life coaching process is designed to be painless, practical and results based.  I’ll walk you through and you will go from fogginess to highlighter vision.

Here’s the deal:

Working out what goals to set, is hard work.  But it doesn’t have to be.  A Life Coaching Session is all about helping you get sussed and quickly (because Heeeelllllo, it’s not nice being in limbo-land).  And you deserve to get sorted and get on with your life.

What does it involve:

Me and You and a full on session jamming about your life.  Teasing apart what you dream about, love doing and what you’re capable of.

I believe in pulling up our sleeves and doing some serious digging to reveal your future and get momentum rolling.  I’ll show you, it’s not scary and you will wonder why you waited so long!

The deets:

Here’s what we will cover

  • What career area is best for you (so your’ll be jumping out of bed each morning cos you love your job so badly)
  • What areas you need to focus on and set goals in
  • The step-by-step plan of what to do
  • How to make your life a success rather than horror story
  • Feel that anything is possible
  • I’ll help you recognise the opportunities out there waiting for you
  • How I can cheer you on and hold your hand till you land on your own two feet

How it works:

Together we pick a time that suits us both and we have a skype call. I’ll share a bit about me and explain how the session works. You get to talk about yourself a lot and I do the note scribbling and email you the results afterwards.  You get full email support between sessions to answer any questions. Your’ll have homework to do and I’m here to make you take action and not sit on your butt any longer.

Others that have done it have said:

“A ship in the harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for”. William Shedd. Kylie has guided and inspired me to address some areas of my life that I have avoided challenging myself in. Setting weekly goals has enabled me to take control and venture into unchartered water. Thanks you Kylie for your motivation and support, it has been a pleasure getting to know you and I am looking forward to sharing in your inspirational journey later in the year.

Gayle, Business Owner

I was most impressed by Kylie’s professionalism throughout our meetings. While Kylie was always keen to share a joke and a laugh with me she remained focused and driven about why we were there, what our goals were and her plan on how we were going to achieve them. She is very punctual and was always at our meetings before me, fully prepared.  I always felt confident in Kylie’s professionalism to keep my privacy which allowed me to convey my ideas more effectively.

Hamish, Tour Operator

If your wanting to take the life you have and step it up and get sorted – you are in the right place! I can partner will you on that journey and get you there, quick smart……..AND then celebrate with you when you smash your expectations and get the life you want!

You’re doing it, right? Choose the right option for you below:

Ignite You! Investment $120, 60 mins An all-about-you session, in which we look into your whole life and drill down into all areas. You will be left with a clear direction of what you want and the steps to get there.

Get Fired Up! Investment $250, 3 x 60 mins Three sessions where we see where you are at and the areas you need to set goals in. Together we make serious progress on your new life.

Get Transformed! Investment $900, 10 x 60 mins The initial session is to develop your life plan and set three major goals. This is followed by weekly sessions working step by step through the whole journey with support from me.

Life Coaching Packages

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